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Logistics is defined as possessing the right amount of substance at the correct time and for the appropriate price. It is a discipline, which deals with the procedure of any organization and has operational and financial impact. It fits in with all types of industry segments, and administers the completion of project life cycles, supply chains, and ensuing efficiencies. Freight logistics involves working with experts who merge expertise in freight transport with focused knowledge of certain industrial sectors.

In the current scenario, logistics and supply chain matters are more important than ever before and have accomplished greater eminence within business circles. Several freight companies have got into joint ventures with companies that are focused in a sector, to achieve optimization of their services. There are several firms that grant outsourced or "third party" freight logistics services to companies. These providers are specialized in warehousing and shipping services are incorporated into their systems. This can be modeled to the needs of the customers and is alive to the demands and delivery service requirements of the market.

Regardless of the type of shipment involved, the basic principle underlying the expectations of the market has always been of exceptional standards in respect of quality and safety of the goods. Hence, several companies have come up with integrated solutions that have become popular with all freight businesses.

Online freight disbursement and contract tracking systems are available that provide authoritative control for the logistics procedure. Using these Internet based services it is even possible to track supply discrepancy reports. This single source information center offers access to the shipment data for carriers as well as transporters. This product also abolishes the requirement of merging of freight bills and invoices and ensures faster and precise payments.

Freight logistics solutions serve as an important tool for better managerial decisions and hence have brought about improved customer services.

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