Movers Packers Tips : Make sure the safety of household goods

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Make sure your household goods are packed properly by keeping an eye on the packers during your move.

  • Remain on the premises during the packing process to answer questions and give instructions to packers.

  • Advise the packers not to box items that you plan to take with you during the move, such as toiletries and clothing.

  • Make sure large appliances, such as washing machines, are disconnected and properly bolted.

  • Check to see that cartons are properly labeled by contents and room destination in your new home.

  • Accompany the moving company representative through your home during the preparation of an inventory list to make sure all items are listed.

  • Resolve any disagreements about the stated condition of your goods before signing the inventory list.
    Tips & Warnings

  • Store items that you plan to take with you in one small closet or cabinet labeled "off limits" to packers and movers.

  • Movers who transport flammables and combustibles are violating federal laws - and endangering the safety of your household goods during transport. Make sure you do not allow movers to pack or transport aerosol cans, paints or other combustible items.

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